My name is Farah. In 1991, my husband and I migrated to Australia from Bangladesh. It has been more than 30 years since we arrived in Australia. I am a Qualified Early Childhood Educator (Diploma) with wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the field of early childhood education. I was involved in family day care in Sydney from 2002 to 2004. Due to my husband’s occupation I had to travel to different countries and cities and experienced a wide range of culture and traditions. After being back in Australia, I have been working at various child care centres for approximately 6 years. Over the years I have held and gained experience in various roles at different child care centres. I have a track record of building meaningful relationships with the children in my care, as well as with their families to support the development of varied skills and interests of each child. My philosophy: I believe it is important to establish an environment where children feel secure, confident and comfortable. It is important to me that children’s individual interests and needs are respected, while they are treated respectfully and equally. It is also important to create and maintain a safe, healthy environment for them, and provide them the opportunities for their learning and development. I also believe in the importance of providing children with an understanding of cultural awareness. To me, it is essential to provide a program that includes experiences from different cultures, allowing family members to freely express their cultural traditions. I believe that all children are competent learners, and they are able to acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all other children. It is my goal to enhance children’s development, initiative and self-worth by providing flexible routines and appropriate programs, based on each child’s strengths, abilities and interests. I strongly believe that all children should have nutritionally balanced meal while they are under my care and always encourage healthy eating habits in consultation with parents. I believe that the children have the right to develop their learning through their own choice of education. I believe that every child is an unique individual who needs a secure, caring, loving and stimulating atmosphere, which helps them to grow and mature emotionally, physically and socially. It is my passion and desire as an educator to help children meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, fun and invites sharing of ideas.

Photos of Farah's environment