(Diggers Rest)

Hi my name is Rashmi

As a Sri Lankan, I speak Sinhalese and Hello in Sinhalese is AyuBovan. 

I live in Diggers Rest with my husband and my four adult children. I began as an educator in May 2017 , I have a Certificate 111 in Early Childhood Education and I have experience working with children of all ages.  Prior to working in Family Day care I was a childcare educator at McArthur agency which provided me with employment in various childcare centres in Melbourne.

My family support my work in family daycare and love the children as much as I do, they often join in our activities such as going to the park and even the activities at home.. My sons love playing the guitar and often play music for the children who dance along to the rhythm with my daughters. My husband often assists me with the technical aspects of my work such as decorating and organising.

A hobby of mine that I share with my family, is to explore new attractions and destinations during my free time such as on the weekends. A personal interest of mine is ensuring to keep track of the mental and physical growth of the children in my care. 

As a mother of four, I like the fact that being an educator allows me to contribute to more children's growth and watch them become respectful, smart young people as they face their own journey in society. I do this by showing the children how to love one another and by teaching them skills through activities.

My top three favourite activities to do with the children are painting, holding musical shows and playing in the park. 

I am enthusiastic, trustworthy, respectful and  compassionate.  



Photos of Rashmi's environment