Hello, my name is Rakiba, I began my journey as an Educator in Family Day Care back in 2001 and completed my Diploma in Child Services in 2011. I love working with children and helping them learn and grow. It has been so rewarding for me to see the children I have looked after grow into young people. Some of the very first children who were in my care are now studying in university!

I live with my husband and two daughters who both work in IT. I also have a keen interest in gardening and I make sure the children get to experience the outdoors.

My philosophy when it comes to taking care of children is to look after them as my own, provide as many new experiences for them as I can and ensure they learn something new every day.
I always make sure my activities are fun and educational. I am also experienced in providing care to children with special needs.

My top 3 favourite activities are gardening, dancing, and story time. Occasionally we also have muffin baking sessions, which are very fun and very messy!

I am from Bangladesh, so I also speak Bangla!