Hi my name is Leanne and I live in Craigieburn,

I am a mother of four children, I have 30 yr old twin boys, a 27 yr old son and a 22 yr old daughter. I also have three wonderful grandchildren.

I started doing family day care when my daughter started school in 2002, needing an extra income but wanting to be available for my own children before and after school and school holidays. Family day care was the best choice I ever made, thinking that once my daughter was old enough I would do something else but I LOVE doing it so much. I love being able to make the children feel that this is their second home and their families feel that their children are in a loving and safe environment while they are at work.

We attend playgroup twice a week meeting up with other educators and their children from the same service.

We also have regular outings to the local park, we have had 2 visits to the zoo this year, we visit other educators houses for play dates.

I believe that the children learn through play, my play space is open ended where the children have many different options available to them, they are free to make their own choices in what they play with that suits their interests and abilities.

When I'm not working, I spend my time with my grandchildren and family. I have a dog, three cats, three turtles and an aviary with eighteen budgies. 



Photos of Leanne's environment