Educator Profile

Julie G


Hello my name is Julie and I live in Romsey.

I have been a registered Family Daycare Educator since April 2005 and have a Diploma in Children's Services.  I am also currently undertaking my Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years). I am a single mother of two adult children that no longer live at home. My daughter is a great artist and photographer, she is working to become a tattoo artist. My son has moved to Canberra to get a new start in life.

I have lived in Romsey for 18 years but came from Glenroy. I love living in the country and my interests include photography, scrapbooking and hiking. I loved photography in school but life got in the way so I put it aside for a while, I have now found a passion for it again and that's why I am affectionately called Paparazzi.

I love being able to provide a service from my own home offering quality child care and support for families. I enjoy having children around me and helping them to be their best. I always strive to provide a home away from home where children feel loved and accepted. My environment encourages children to take on new challenges and stimulate learning, children can choose from a variety of activities and experiences to suit their own individual interests and abilities. I provide games, arts and crafts, water and sand play, construction and imaginative and pretend play. Children's curiosity and wonder, logical inquiry, language and literacy, personal and interpersonal development are promoted through a safe supportive and flexible environment.

Some of my favourite things I love to do with children are creating with playdough, cooking and teaching the children a little Maltese. Kif inti -How are you?

I also love dressing up any chance I get so "Talk like a Pirate day", Halloween and any other excuse to dress up is celebrated. I enjoy reading to children and have loved being involved in programs such as "Read 1000 books before school" through the local library. We also go out on outings to playgroup, libraries and parks.

In 2017 Julie Galea was named a regional winner in the Excellence in Family Day Care Awards.

She was nominated for the award by the parents of the children she cares for in her own home. At the time Julie reported that  she was “stoked” to receive the award.“I’m very humbled,” she said. Ms Galea said she adored her job, particularly being with the children, and being able to be a kid herself.“It’s fantastic – I love doing what I do,” she said. “I love watching the children grow and learn.“I feel very privileged to have them in my home, they’re part of my family.”





Photos of Julie's environment