I have been running a Family Day Care business and been an Educator for 24 years. I started in May 1996. I have 3 adult children that don't live at home, my 2 daughters are married and my son lives with his girlfriend. They all have their own homes which I'm very proud of as I raised them alone.  I love spending time in my garden and a favourite pastime is reading.  I also have a hobby that takes me to markets a couple of times a month,  hand painting glassware like wine and beer glasses etc.  I have 2 pet Jack Russells and 9 green tree frogs.

I find great pleasure and satisfaction helping families raise their children. They become part of my family and I have made some wonderful friends and remained in the lives of many families when the children leave my care.  My philosophy isn't just to teach them to count, learn their colours, paint and do crafts. I believe in teaching children to be kind and have faith and also to show gratitude and be resilient when troubles occur. I like to instill courage in them and let them learn that effort can pay off. I also encourage all children to be polite to everyone and show generosity as well. I do all these things with love because I believe all children thrive when they are loved and cared for while their parents are out working.

I also believe that children enjoy the times you actually play with them and we always have fun with the playdough, painting, puzzles and blocks or any activity really. Reading books is everyone's favourite thing to do when we have relaxing time. Playing with them is important not just giving them something to do.

The children and I attend playgroup twice weekly and do excursions throughout the year.

I love my job as an Early Childhood Educator and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Jacki Wright