Hello my name is Faye,

I'm affectionately known as Faye-Faye by the children

“Merhaba,  Nasılsınız? 
 “Hello, How Are You? (in Turkish.)”

I have been a family day care educator for over 30 years and I hold a Certificate III in Children’s Services.

I’m divorced, and my mother resides with me. I have one child, a son, who’s studying to be an Orthopedic Surgeon in Norway, with 2 gorgeous daughters of his own.
My Interests are many, and varied. Currently:
-  Victorian Panel Judge for the Border Type Canaries. I breed, exhibit and, judge show canaries.
-   Various Executive Committee positions in the 7 bird clubs I belong.
-   Writing Poetry online, in The Starlight Cafe, over 300 published so far.
-   Member of IPAT... International Porcelain Teachers Association.
-   Collecting Antique Porcelain.
-   President of YCCB Botanic Gardens in Istanbul.
-   Propagate, and grow plants so they could be sold for St Mary’s Church stalls at various Shows in Sunbury.

I love to involve my children in my hobbies if they show an interest. 

I provide a safe, friendly, nurturing and happy environment where children can grow, learn and develop at their own level whilst having fun! The children are able to choose from activities such as indoor and outdoor play, music, stories, craft, cooking and gardening. I attend Playgroups and local outings.I provide all care types across seven days per week including overnight for children one to 12 years of age.

My personality is just a regular, loving, sometimes a little loud, and happy. This year Friday’s were chosen to be Faye-Faye’s Naughty Days. Meaning my time to be a clown. This is my tool, my bridge to reach the children. Humor is the best tool, I seriously believe that.
My aim is to provide the best childcare, and education, in a safe, happy, stimulating environment, that is full of interesting, and challenging activities, based on their interests.

I believe the Children are our Future, and we reap later, what we sow today.

It is an Honour for me to be trusted by the parents to love, nurture, and educate their Precious little ones, so that they may grow up to become responsible, caring, and confident adults, who will contribute to the Society.

Teşekkürler, Görüşürüz.
In Turkish it means:  Thank you, we might meet one day.


Photos of Faye's environment