Fee Structure from Monday, 5 December 2016

Where education and care exceeds the hour by 15 minutes or less, a ¼ of the hourly fee will apply. By more than 30 minutes or less, a ½ the hourly fee will apply. Where education and care exceeds the hour by more than 45 minutes, the full hourly fee will apply.

All hourly fees are inclusive of an administration fee. All bookings over 40 hours per week per child will incur a reduced hourly rate.


Care Type


Fee Per Hour

Full Time 
Part Time

Full time or part time regular education and care, booked on set days between the hours 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday (Core Hours) and between 10 pm and 5 am Monday to Friday


Regular Non-Core Hours

Full time or part time  regular education and care, booked on set days between the hours 5 am and 8 am and between 6 pm and 10 pm Monday to Friday


Before/After School Care

Regular or casual education and care booked for before and/or after school hours

As per all other fee structures


Regular booked education and care which occurs between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday



All non-regular education and care. Bookings by the parent at optional times when a place is available (also includes extra hours and/or days if a child has regular part time booking, but does not include relief education and care provided for booked care when the regular educator is on leave (regular fees will apply)

Mon to Fri (Core Hours) $10.10

Mon to Fri (Non-core) $10.80

Weekend $11.60 

Vacation Care

Booked vacation education and care for school age children during a school holiday period

Rate is for child with a regular booking for Before/After School (B/AS)

Casual rate applies if the child does not have a regular B/AS booking

Attends B/AS $9.60

Mon to Fri (Core hours) $10.10

(Non-core hours)
Not in B/AS
Casual Rates 

Public Holiday

All education and care whether regular or casual which occurs on a Public Holiday (education and care normally booked for a day that falls on a Public Holiday and not used will incur the absence fee at the regular rate)






Parents may choose to provide meals and/or snacks, or ask the educator to supply them with the following charges made

Breakfast: $3.50

Snacks: $2

Lunch:   $4

Dinner: $5


Washing bed linen, hand towels etc.

$1 per day


Applicable when an educator transports a child to/from school, kindergarten or the child’s home or per family if more than one child in a family goes to the same school/kindergarten. Not applicable for activities that involves the educator’s daily program

80c per

Late Fee

If a child is collected from care more than 15 minutes late a fee may be charged on top of the normal fee. Late fees will be charged at the educator’s discretion

$5 up to ½ hour   $1 per minute after ½ hour

For more information regarding our fee structure Click here.