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policy 1. anaphylaxis management

policy 2. assessment approval reassessment of fdc residences and care venues

policy 3. delivery and collection of children

policy 4. asthma management

policy 5. engagement and registration of family day care assistant

policy 6. payment of fees educator remuneration

policy 7. child safe environment child protection

policy 8. governance management of the fdc services including confidentiality of records

policy 9. sleep rest and bedding

policy 10. dress code

policy 11. drugs and alcohol

policy 12. educator health

policy 13. engagement and registration of family day care educators

policy 14. incident injury trauma and illness

policy 15. equipment and resources

policy 16. excursions

policy 17. keeping of a register of fdc educators

policy 18. dealing with complaints

policy 19. interactions with children guiding childrens behaviour

policy 20. health and safety nutrition food and beverages dietary requirements and food handling

policy 21. monitoring support and supervison of family day care educators

policy 22. acceptance and refusal of authorisations

policy 23. inclusion

policy 24. dealing with infectious diseases

policy 25. medication

policy 26. nappy changing toileting and bathing

policy 27, tobacco smoke free environment

policy 28. occupational health and safety

policy 29. parent access to children

policy 30. pets

policy 31. enrollment and orientation

policy 32. fit and proper assessment of fdc educator assistants and persons residing at the fdc premises

policy 33. priority of access

policy 34. provision of information assistance and training to fdc educators

policy 35. insurance public liability

policy 36. publicity

policy 37. childcare ratios

policy 38. health and safety sun protection

policy 39. educator agreement termination or suspension

policy 40. code of conduct

policy 41. road safety and transport

policy 42. social media

policy 43. childrens learning development active play

policy 44. health and safety water safety

policy 45. managing medical conditions

policy 46. emergency evacuation bush fire management

policy 47. visitors to family day care residences and care venues

policy 48. health and safety administration of first aid

policy 49. staffing determining the responsible persons present

policy 50. environmental sustainability